Dawn space probe gets best look yet at Ceres

December 8, 2014 2:34 AM

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The Dawn spacecraft has lifted the veil on another corner of the Solar System by taking its best image yet of the dwarf planet Ceres. The nine-pixel-wide image was taken from a distance of 740,000 mi (1.2 million km) from Ceres as part of the final calibration of Dawn's science camera as the unmanned probe approaches the 590 mi (950 km) wide planetoid, which it will rendezvous with and orbit in March of next year.

At its current distance from Dawn, Ceres is as bright as Venus as seen from Earth. Until now, the best images of Ceres came from the Hubble Space Telescope, but NASA says that as Dawn draws closer to its rendezvous, much higher resolution images will be sent back.

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