David Chase Whacked Us

August 28, 2014 6:00 PM

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David Chase Whacked Us

Is Tony Soprano dead? Seven years after “The Sopranos” went cold, we persist in asking this question with an ardor that, by this point, borders on the necrophilic. We ask it of the ten-second chasm of blackness that ended the series, hoping that the non-signifying might signify if only we look hard enough. We ask it of each other, in person, and in the comments below YouTube excerpts of the finale. And we don’t ask it of the heavens, exactly, but we do ask it every so often of David Chase, the Creator and the Destroyer of Tony’s world.

The latest person to do so is the film critic Martha Nochimson, who published her account of the exchange at Vox as part of an essay about Chase and his work. Nochimson was recently out for coffee with Chase, she says, when she broached the topic of “whether Tony was dead.” She writes that “Chase st...

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