The Dark Link Between Financial Stress and Depression

February 25, 2015 6:29 PM

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When 26-year-old Lisa DeLeon had to move back to her hometown in Nebraska after spending years living a fun but financially reckless lifestyle in New York City, she felt like a failure. She didn’t have money for a new place or even for the plane ticket to make it there, but with her nanny job ending and no way to pay New York rent, her grandfather dying and her parents going through a divorce, she knew home was where she needed to be.

“When I came back, I would see people I went to school with, married and doing well – doing things I thought I would be doing at that age – and I was living with my parents and working part time,” says DeLeon, now 36. Careless spending on the East Coast paired with a few hospital bills after returni...

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