'Daredevil' Superhero Suit Revealed, Agents Of SHIELD Gets Spinoff

April 9, 2015 5:49 PM

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Fans have waited for months to find out what the official superhero costume will look like in the upcoming Marvel Studios Netflix series Daredevil. So far, all we’ve seen has been the black outfit he dons as a makeshift costume during his nightly excursions to beat some sense into the criminal underworld of Hell’s Kitchen. Today, however, Marvel gives us our first glimpse of Daredevil’s iconic red devil-like costume, released via a new motion poster that shows defense attorney Matthew Murdock slowly morphing into his full superhero self.

The suit is a mixture of body armor and comic book flair, similar to how Captain America’s outfit is designed for protection as much as appearance. Daredevil is a more street-level, down-and-dirty approach to the Marvel cinematic world, and as such the armored design — which isn’t actually much dif...

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