Dare to be 100: Eos's Error

August 7, 2014 8:23 PM

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Greek mythology identifies Eos as one of the fairest members of the ancient world. She was held to be the goddess of the dawn, and is memorialized in many Greek scriptures and artifacts. She hooked up with Tithonus son of the royal house of Troy and a water nymph mother. Eos was so enamored that she asked the big man Zeus to grant her the special favor of immortality for her beloved.

Zeus is just not a good guy, so in his jealousy he said okay, but not everlasting youth. So, you can guess the rest of the story., Tithonus didn't die, but instead he continued to age and age and age, every day in every way he became worse. The idyll fragmented. Eos was not a happy camper, so in a s...

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