Dare to Be 100: Dam Nation, What Would John Gardner Say?

November 18, 2014 12:13 AM

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Last night I had the opportunity to check out the important new documentary film Dam Nation, that has already won honors at first-rank film festivals nationwide. It is a precise retelling of the history of American dam building which reached a fever pitch in the early 1920s. Thousands were built all over America. It seems that no river or creek was exempt. The thirst for power jaded any consideration of unintentional consequences into the future which number many, but the worst offense to me is the desecration of some of our most precious ecosystems, particularly for the fish whose existence in a healthy stream and river bed is essential.

This grim development of thousands of dams, most of which originally were well intended, but are now mostly derelict remnants, has resulted in the havoc that has cost the lives of billions of fish who were thirsty for living space.

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