Danny Collins

March 20, 2015 7:25 AM

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Al Pacino is rightfully considered one of the world's greatest living actors, though you couldn't be faulted for not remembering a truly great Pacino performance in the past decade or so. Part of that is because, even now in his mid 70s, he keeps getting cast as detectives, gangsters, and other loud tough guys that might be better played by non-senior citizens. But with Danny Collins, we get a terrific, hilarious, and utterly age-appropriate Pacino as an aging pop singer who shares Pacino's penchant for chewing scenery, but in the most charming way possible in a film that totally won me over. Watch the trailer for Danny Collins below.

Pacino plays the titular Danny Collins, whose acclaimed first album and comparisons to John Lennon had him destined for singer/songwriter superstardom. But the pressures and trappings of fame spun him on a more commercial path, and forty years later, Danny is a depressed, cheesy (albeit profitable) ...

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