Dan Aykroyd to ride the sexist “Ghostbusters” reboot backlash all the way to the bank

March 10, 2015 2:40 PM

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Hey, remember all the way back in January when we were totally excited about Paul Feig’s amazing “Ghostbusters” reboot cast? Remember when the less-dank corners of the Internet cheered on the idea of the beloved franchise receiving a much-needed boost with no less than Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy anchoring a refreshed version of the legendary comedy along with up-and-coming “Saturday Night Live” comedians Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones? Remember when it finally felt like we could have nice things, even if it meant subduing and trapping the childhood memories of weeping Twitter-bros with our collective Proton-powered vaginas?

That announcement might feel like a hundred Internet years ago, but less than two months later, Sony Pictures reports that original Ghostbuster (and totes pro-female-empowerment, you-go-girls!-guy) Dan Aykroyd will, after all of his aborted, ill-conceived attempts, cross the streams to revive his so...

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