Daddy Issues

September 22, 2014 4:33 AM

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Daddy Issues

A long time ago (in what seems like it must have been a galaxy far, far, away), it was possible for someone to be coy about "daddy issues." In the following clip, Mary Martin performs "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" (the Cole Porter song that made her famous following her Broadway debut in 1938's Leave It To Me!). In her autobiography (My Heart Belongs) Martin confessed that at the time she was singing that song she was clueless about the true meaning of some of Porter's lyrics.

In 1924, the popular comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, gave birth to a character known as Daddy Warbucks. In today's sexual marketplace, the lexicon covering daddy issues has progressed far beyond a sugar daddy (which was also the name for a popular caramel candy that was ever so sweet to lick). Man...

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