CW's Clever Mystery Drama Starts Out Strong With Room To Grow

March 16, 2015 7:02 PM

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Watching the first few episodes of CW's iZombie, it becomes apparent with most certainty that Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero's new series ate the brain of Veronica Mars and acquired some of the beloved teen detective drama's best personality traits. But much in the way the series' star maintains her own identity while taking on some of the behavioral aspects of the people whose brains she occasionally eats, iZombie is its own series, throwing a supernatural twist on a mystery show, and delivering the kind of sharp dialogue and cleverness we came to know and love from Veronica Mars. There's also an inner monologue, a mystery of the week and an adorable, brainy blonde helping to crack the case.

But I digress. Let's not obsess over the Veronica Mars comparisons. Those who knew and loved the gone-too-soon series may see traces of Mars in iZombie, but this is very much a new series, complete with an undead spin on your typical young adult drama. This loose adaptation of Chris Roberson and Mic...

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