Cutting Family Ties: 5 Ways to Handle These Decisions When Children or Other Family Are Involved

December 4, 2014 8:56 PM

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In my last blog I discussed the eight valid reasons to cut ties with family members for our own emotional health. This article addresses what to do with our relationships with others in our family who are still connected to those with whom we cut ties. Making healthy choices for ourselves can be extremely painful. In many situations we may feel betrayed by those who are close to us who decide to stay connected to the family members we have chosen to cut ties with, who have hurt us so deeply. This is such an emotional, challenging and confusing place to be and it requires much forethought, maturity and bigger picture thinking to handle ourselves and others healthfully.

1) An adult parent with adult children choosing to cut ties with their own parent/parents: In this situation, the adult children have had these grandparents in their lives all of their lives. Adult children do have the maturity to make the choice to stay in touch with their grandparents or not. Typi...

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