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October 31, 2014 3:12 AM

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Some guys just have a thing for snakes and it seems that our favorite parseltongue speaking Daniel Radcliffe is no different. In his new film, the devilishly delicious HORNS from director Alexandre Aja, Radcliffe flexes his serpentine skills yet again, this time as the young Ig Perrish. A supernatural thriller that in almost genre-bending fashion melds the battle of good versus evil with tines of fantasy, romance, a noirish murder mystery and even a little gothic flair, this decadent delight is a multi-pronged, interwoven tapestry of Biblical allegory that pushes the boundaries to almost sacrilegious silliness but then artfully reins itself in with the strength of performances, indelible visuals and pure unadulterated fun.

Ig Perrish and Merrin Williams are heaven sent. Friends since childhood, smitten with each other almost as long, and passionately in love since forever, they are pure joy, ethereal joy. But just as Ig proposes marriage to Merlin, all hell breaks loose. Merlin not only rejects him, but dumps him. Hur...

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