Cuba, The US and the VII Summit of the Americas

April 13, 2015 4:41 PM

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The VII summit of the Americas -- the last one for President Obama and the first for any Cuban president -- is an opportunity to improve the relations between the US and Latin America. Thirty-five countries, all from this hemisphere, will be participating in Panama, ending the more than five decades-long exclusion of Cuba from the Inter-American system. Both U.S. leaders and the majority of Latin American governments have expressed interest in streamlining collaborations in key areas such intraregional development, democratic strengthening, commercial ties and development, and the battle against international crime.

The VII Summit will take place amidst a wave of growing economic and political autonomy in Latin America with respect to the U.S. Today, there exists a vast multilateral Latin American institutional architecture that competes with the OAS but does not supplant it. Secretary Kerry's speech at the OAS...

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