Cuba Arts Journal: Island in Flux

February 1, 2015 3:45 PM

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The parting shot as we left Miami for Cuba last week was NBC's Brian Williams reporting from Havana. Talks were under way, and news crews were on it. Andrea Mitchell was spotted crossing the Hotel Nacional's grand lobby. Everyone wanted to know how President Obama's move to finesse diplomacy would land. Already the word was out: while he welcomed an accord with the Americans, Fidel Castro (88), was not going to budge on the values he enforced over the decades of his rule, no matter what. What this means was a subject for discovery, anyone's guess, as many Cubans must petition for permission to travel, a Kafkaesque process.

Meantime a vibrant culture is poised for its next great moment: music, art, food, already explored by international and American tourists lucky enough to get there, is in the ready for the world stage. Personal destiny may be sacrificed for the national good, but those values visibly erode as artist...

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