The Crucial Message That's Missing From So Much Children's Media

April 10, 2015 8:18 PM

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You can ask my four year-old daughter, Emily*, what goes wrong at the end of the movie Sleeping Beauty. She will tell you emphatically, "Prince Phillip didn't ask for permission!" She is referring, of course, to the climax of the movie where the valiant prince rescues Princess Aurora from her eternity of sleep with a kiss. Although I promised at one point to never expose my children to these outdated and misogynist fairy tales, I found out early on in parenthood that it was a futile goal. And I realize now that the important thing about consuming these stories is the conversation you have about them, not shielding children from them all together.

We endured fairytale after fairytale with endless conversations afterwards. Then Frozen came along. Suddenly, I happily found myself talking about what was right with a movie for a change. Although most parents are sick of Queen Elsa and letting it go, it should continue to be celebrated for the pro...

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