Critics Don’t Love The Interview But Pirates Do

December 26, 2014 7:32 PM

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The Interview is easily the most famous movie of the year. Scenes depicting the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are believed to be the trigger for the unprecedented cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment which has humiliated senior management and cost the company millions in recent weeks. The hack, combined with reported threats of terror attacks targeting movie theaters, prompted Sony to pull the film late last week. The company later flip-flopped, agreeing to release The Interview on digital platforms like YouTube and Google Play and ironically XBox Live. Although final numbers aren’t yet available the film is at the top of the YouTube and Google Play charts, indicating that first day sales have been healthy, but it’s unclear how that will last as pirated copies become widely available.

Piracy has been one of the biggest boogiemen scaring studios off of digital release for their films, and many have been looking to The Interview to act as a test case. Claims of over 200,000 copies lost to piracy in the first day will certainly not help the cause. However, the blame lies mostly with...

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