Creating Fond Memories With Our Children

September 15, 2014 4:56 PM

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Creating Fond Memories With Our Children

Over the years, since the time she was a little girl, I made sure, I set aside time for playfulness and closeness with my daughter, Auria. For example, at bedtime on most evenings, we would cuddle up and read one or two stories; then we would play "boat" before saying goodnight. "Boat" meant bouncing vigorously on the bed so that the mattress shook like a fragile vessel in a stormy sea. Auria would scream, "shark!" or "man overboard!" and we would peer over the side of the boat into the violently churning ocean waves.

Sometimes we played "dolls" together -- with Barbie and Ken and the pink Cadillac; later we graduated to the Spice Girls dolls. She thought Posh Spice was superior, I defended the excellence of Baby Spice. We "argued" back and forth which Spice Girl was the best.

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