Of Course I'm Stressed, I'm In College

April 21, 2015 5:11 PM

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Of Course I'm Stressed, I'm In College

Wake up, eat (maybe), drink coffee, go to class for a few hours. Maybe squeeze in an hour or two at my on-campus job or do some homework, and then grab a quick lunch and maybe some coffee before I got to job #2. Then I get to spend seven hours there, and when I get home I do homework until who knows when. The next day, I get to wake up tired and do it all over again. Or if I'm lucky and it's the weekend, I can grab an extra shift at work or catch up on the homework I didn't get a chance to do earlier in the week. Somewhere in there I usually try to find the time to spend a few minutes with my friends once or twice a week or at the very least watch some Netflix in order to preserve my sanity.

So when my eye started twitching fairly consistently for about week, I was annoyed. I can't be talking to customers or writing an essay if my eye won't stop twitching. The doctor's orders were to "Get more sleep, drink less caffeine, and alleviate stress."

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