'Or I Could Pick Myself Up, Flaws and All, and Finish'

September 5, 2014 6:17 PM

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'Or I Could Pick Myself Up, Flaws and All, and Finish'

The death of Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, hit me pretty hard in a pretty soft spot. I have suffered in silence, and I've experienced low points when I didn't think I deserved to live. Ironically, and thankfully, I'm both a dreamer and realist. The dreamer knows I have so much to accomplish and experience in my bright future, and I look forward to making a positive impact in this world, and the realist knows that depression isn't forever no matter how much it hurts. I grip onto the dreamer and the realist, and sometimes I hold on for dear life, literally. I hope that in sharing my story, I can instill the hope in others, especially young women, that life beyond depression exists. Your future is bright, and you are not alone.

Many illnesses are preventable, but middle child syndrome is not one. As a young girl, I had big dimples and thick thigh but not a thick skin. This made me an easy target for my big brother and baby sister's teasing antics. They may have thought they were being playful, but I was sensitive and words...

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