How to Cope With Difficulty or Tragedy | Brendon Burchard

February 24, 2015 4:12 PM

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How to Cope With Difficulty or Tragedy | Brendon Burchard

1. Don't hide or fall into silence thinking you are alone. When something bad happens, we tend to close off and not to talk to anyone because,"they don't understand me, " or "they haven't been through this." But, as harsh as it might sound when you are struggling, the reality is that nothing you are going through right now is unique. One of the greatest ways to cope is to realize you are not alone and to get social support. Call a friend. Go to a support group. You might be surprised how many people care and can help and provide perspective.

2. Define your meaning. When something bad happens, ask, "What does this mean to me?" Find an optimistic meaning for what you are going through, even if it seems like nothing good could come from it. You will get stronger if you decide the meaning of the event is there to teach you something, to all...

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