Conversations with God about Bush

January 23, 2015 7:15 PM

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Conversations with God about Bush

I was excited to meet Neale Donald Walsch. I read his books, the Conversations with God series, once a year. They help me to remember the true nature of our existence: that we are all one, that everything is connected, that we've come here in order to create the grandest vision of who we are. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed about current events, these books make it all right again.

I've always considered genius to be something we already know deep within, and when we see it, hear it or feel it, we say, "Ah, yes. That is truth." Walsch's work does that for me. He doesn't tap into the god with temper issues and a pointed finger--that white-bearded fellow whom we must bow down to...

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