A Conversation with Danielle Eubank, Expedition Artist, On Her Upcoming Trip to the Arctic Circle

August 17, 2014 6:45 PM

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Recipient of a 2014-15 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, Danielle Eubank paints bodies of water. She also paints water as if it were a body. The way light plays on its surface, the way it reveals its depths to show actual and emotional ripples, waves, and tides. All at once you see reflections of what's above as well as things on and below the surface. She punctuates her surfaces with prismatic facets of color. Sometimes the surfaces are placid, sometimes they're turbulent. Always active, always in motion, the images are hypnotic and captivating. Besides documenting what she encounters, she captures the rhythms and moods of her subject. No piece can be the same because, like snowflakes, each maritime moment is a once in a lifetime phenomenon.

It would be one thing if she made these pieces in the studio. She doesn't. She's an expedition artist. That means that she works while she participates as a member of vigorous if not potentially dangerous trips. Now she's about to embark on a painting voyage that will take her to the Arctic Circle. ...

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