With a Conscience: 'Yes, Amma Lee; There Is a Santa Claus'

December 18, 2014 6:18 PM

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Life hands us many things that we don't understand. It's easy for us to lose our faith and our hope. When I was your age, the one belief, above any other, that made sense, was my belief in Santa Claus. No matter what anyone tells you, there certainly is a Santa Claus. Some people lose sight of him because they are angry at what they have lost. Some lose their faith probably because they forgot they had the magic to believe. Bad things happen whether we are 5 or 50 but the one truth we can hold on to is Christmas and Santa Claus live in each of us and it's up to us whether we believe the magic and make our world better than where we found it. Some will tell you that there is no magic, no imagination and that there is no Santa Claus. They are wrong.

I know they are wrong when I hear laughter... any laughter. Laughter is indeed magic. Your mom believes in the magic of Christmas each time she hears you giggle or when you share a secret that only she can know as she snuggles you to bed each night. I know Santa exists, when someone smiles at me. Of...

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