Congress Through the Looking Glass of Science

August 1, 2014 3:09 PM

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Congress Through the Looking Glass of Science

In an earlier blog post, "The Stupid Party? Which One?" I looked into the worrisome issue of the Republican Party being hijacked by anti-science Luddites. But what about the House of Representatives? So I spent a day putting together a spreadsheet on the 435 members of the House in the 113th Congress, their backgrounds, and how they have voted on a few important (to me!) science bills.

Yep, they are mostly Republican (234 to 199), with 109 members (all Republican) affiliated with the Tea Party Caucus, according to Wikipedia. They are very young. While 33 congressmen have been in office for 25 years or more, 175 have been there for fewer than five years. They are also dominated by ...

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