Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Phone Addict

September 10, 2014 2:39 PM

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Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Phone Addict

"Hey, can you turn down the volume on my phone?" I asked a coworker. It was hooked up to the overhead speakers, playing a Lionel Richie song from my iTunes library -- you know, the one about being the sun and the rain. I had my hands full watching the kids in the pool, making sure they weren't slapping each other with those foam noodles, which is more perilous than you'd imagine. My coworker complied. And then he dropped my phone.

I watched it happen. I watched him drop it like it was no big deal. He picked it up and looked at me sheepishly. Well, at least he dropped it on its back, I thought. Better than facedown, right? Who wants to screw up their face?

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