When Confession Is Not Enough

November 18, 2014 9:23 PM

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I have a shady past, I do. I have done many things traditional society frowns upon. I have been one of the bad people, the degenerates, the lost souls and the type of person to avoid. Only you would not have known this to look at me because I had the perfect cover: typical suburban, middle class, attractive, single mother. But the truth is -- I have lied, to everyone. My sister once told me she could tell when I was lying because I was talking. I stole from everyone. If you knew me then and you had a medicine cabinet, I stole from you. I committed fraud, lied to numerous doctors and even used my 2-year-old daughter as a scape goat for my dastardly deeds. I have puked up thousands of dollars' worth of food and obsessed fanatically and hatefully about my body. I drank, a lot, and lied about it. If you saw me have a beer there were probably four beers you did not see me have. I was so sneaky! I lied as easily as I breathed.

My dastardly deeds are a thing of the past, a distant memory, but their echo remains in the form of guilt. One day I decide to rid myself of this guilt. I began to meditate daily and found the willingness to do what I had never done before: be honest. I confessed to all the lies I had ever told, I c...

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