In the Company of Words and Strangers

September 5, 2014 7:13 PM

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Words have always had the magic of alchemy in my life. They captivated me as a child sitting in a circle on the floor at our teacher's feet as we sat entranced by the ominous fear of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. And later, while studying poetry in university, I was in awe of wordsmiths like Emily Dickinson and Tennyson who gave the raw emotion of human existence a vocabulary, where there was none before. It's not surprising that I went on to become an English teacher, where my bricks and mortar are the words and phrases that I immerse myself in every day.

This morning I stumbled upon the poetry of Marie Howe, and once again I'm humbled by the power of words on a page, and a writer's ability to bestow meaning to feelings that would otherwise remain forever trapped inside me. In a recent podcast interview, the poet Marie Howe was speaking of the power ...

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