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October 24, 2014 4:32 PM

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Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

Stem cells are said to be the body’s natural reservoir. They have the unique ability to produce both copies of themselves (self-renewal) and other more specialised cell types (differentiation) every time they divide. This makes fascinating for researchers and a very powerful tool in the treatment a range of diseases, conditions and injuries. However, stem cell research is not without its critics. Certain areas, notably embryonic stem cell research, have proven controversial within, and outside of, the scientific community. The debate on this issue is very much ongoing.

Stem cell research offers an array of applications – not only how we are using it now but also possible uses in the future that scientists are still exploring. For example, by observing stem cells, scientists gain a greater understanding of what controls normal development. This can help in the trea...

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