The 'Community' Renewal by Yahoo! is a Glimpse Into Television's Future

July 1, 2014 7:12 AM

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There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks regarding what would happen to NBC’s recently cancelled cult hit. Originally, reports claimed the only saving grace for the series was a pick-up by Hulu, but when those talks fell through, new reports claimed a second outlet had jumped into negotiations and, in a last minute hail-mary, it’s been revealed that company was Yahoo! Screen, which has ordered a 13-episode sixth season of the sitcom. This is the kind of thing that happens once in a blue moon, an emerging media outlet (or established one in this case) sees an opportunity to put itself on the map in a way no one would have ever expected, in a way that blows its competition out of the water, and in a way that will keep it in the collective conversation for the foreseeable future. But the thing is, blue moons don’t seem that rare anymore.

It’s not uncommon for an outlet to use the fandom of a cancelled series to gain traction, in fact it’s exactly what Netflix did when it resurrected fan favorite, Arrested Development. What makes Community’s resurrection fascinating, however, is its timing. We’re not talking about a series that’s bee...

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