'Coming Out' as a Spoonie

April 8, 2015 1:44 PM

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If you know what a "spoonie" is, then odds are you may be one yourself. A spoonie can refer to any individual who suffers from a chronic illness. The term originated from a post written by Christine Miserandino entitled The Spoon Theory. Miserandino hypothetically measures her ability to carry out daily tasks by counting spoons, to show that while sometimes she has an abundance of spoons, other times she comes up short. (If you haven't read the post yet, it is definitely worth checking out.) Since that post, "spoonie" and "#spoonie" have been used on sites like tumblr, to connect people living with chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses can range from fibromyalgia to Lupus or chronic Lyme disease, to name just a few examples. These illnesses are often invisible; to most people, spoonies may appear healthy and able-bodied, especially when they are young. The daily feeling of being invisible can be one of the most c...

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