Coming Out! (Of the Meditation Closet)

August 29, 2014 4:01 PM

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Coming Out! (Of the Meditation Closet)

It's true that at one time meditation was not something spoken of in mixed up company. There were those who saw its existence as wonderful, and then there were those who judged it like they judged sprouts, hippies, and anything else vaguely foreign and/or threatening to status quo. I'm happy to report this era has ended. Who do we have to thank? Not one guru, teacher, or movement in particular, but rather all of science. Thanks to numerous conclusive studies, meditation is embraced as factually beneficial. Doctors recommend it to patients to help them manage not only stress, but disease. Has this started more people on the meditation journey? Yes and no.

I'm delighted to see long time meditators who practice everything from TM to Zen admitting and talking about their sometimes decades of meditation practice. They also admit how instrumental it's been to their success. For example, Steve Jobs practiced Zen. Arriana Huffington is not only a long time ...

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