The Coming Golden Age of Fine Art

October 30, 2014 3:31 PM

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The Coming Golden Age of Fine Art

We are on the threshold of a Golden Age in Fine Art. We are now witnessing its origins; our children will benefit from its treasures. After decades of declining activity in the fine arts, and the catastrophic evaporation of financial and audience support, the very first signs of new life are beginning to emerge. Over the next months, you will be introduced to some brilliant newcomers: choreographers, visual artists, composers, poets, playwrights, and some rare multi-media and performance art creators. To get started with this series, it is important to know what precisely fine art is, and how it differs from art in general.

These days anything and everything has been called art: commercial art, decorative art, interior design, artful language, art therapy, graphic art, fashion art, graphic novels, video, film, music and even an artistic approach, and anything someone finds creative. Fine art is something else entirely.

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