Comet Hunters: Rosetta’s race to map 67P

August 9, 2014 10:02 AM

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Comet Hunters: Rosetta’s race to map 67P

The Rosetta mission is now on a race against time to prepare maps and collect data before the Philae lander is due to be sent down to the surface of comet 67P in November. In this edition of Euronews Space, the ‘Comet Hunters’ show us how to orbit a comet, how Rosetta ‘sees’ its target, and what the mission means to the world of science, and to this team in particular.

It comes after a historic moment in spaceflight on 6th August, as Rosetta became the first ever man-made device to hunt down a comet and prepare to spend a whole year flying alongside. That event attracted hundreds of journalists from all over the world to the European Space Operations Centre in Ger...

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