Comet Guy and the social-justice black hole

November 16, 2014 12:07 AM

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An amazingly stupid story with a clever Twitter hashtag, #shirtstorm, has been brewing for the past couple of days.  Long story short, one of the brilliant scientists who just landed a space probe on a moving comet decided to wear a shirt covered with cheesecake cartoon girls for a media appearance.  A gang of decidedly non-brilliant feminists freaked out and organized an Internet flash mob to accuse Dr. Matt Taylor of objectifying women, charging that his choice of shirt would intimidate young ladies out of pursuing careers in science.  The really stupid part of the story is that it worked - Dr. Taylor was bullied into making a tearful public apology for his shirt.

No one seriously thinks Taylor is a misogynist or meant to offend anyone with his shirt. In fact, it was designed by a woman named Elly Prizeman, who was properly mortified by the reaction. "My heart just broke watching Matt's apology," she wrote on Facebook. "That is not cool. The public can be...

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