Coachella Gets Conscious Because Our Generation Demands It"

April 25, 2015 2:22 AM

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While I am reflecting on all of the sustainability initiatives at Coachella it seems fitting for this festival to fall so closely to Earth Day. Coachella has been getting dissed lately. And by that I mean that the longtime festival-goers who have been heading to Palm Springs since this whole music event started are bummed. Some complain that the acts aren't as indie, others say that it's become too mainstream and crowded (now the long lineup of non-stop music is repeated for a second weekend in order to fill the demand). But in the three years that I've gone, I've noticed one change more than any of the others -- the emphasis Coachella is placing on sustainability. Heck, if that's what's next for mainstream then I am totally ready to rock out to that! And it is catching the mainstream, the younger generations, and it's becoming more of a demand by millennials than an added plus.

As one of the founders of (a site my co-founder and I started in order to profile brands and people who are focused on serving the community and planet), I am thrilled to see young people/millennials start to care more and more about their environment and their impact on it. And don...

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