CMT Music Awards features some very weird moments; plus, big winners and best performances

June 5, 2014 3:52 PM

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The first 10 minutes of the CMT Music Awards: Not exactly what you would expect. R&B star Jason Derulo helped open the show with “Talk Dirty.” Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan danced along with choreographed moves. ZZ Top randomly showed up to join them. Most shocking of all was the part right after that spectacle, as the show admitted out loud that country music has a women problem. Not that it’s much of a secret — just look at the tiny number of female country stars on the radio. Still, to hear it in front of the biggest stars in the industry was surprising. “Did anyone else notice there were a lot of dudes in that number?” host Kristen Bell asked after the opening performance. “I mean we love ‘em all. But I just want to say while we do enjoy the sausage fest that is the country charts these days, I’m personally also proud that CMT has invited a woman to host the show alone.” “Because the truth is, sisters have been doing it for themselves in Nashville for years, that’s obvious,” she continued. “By the girl power vested in me by CMT…I am declaring the 2014 CMT Music Awards to be a ladies’ night.” …After which not one female artist performed alone on the main stage. But hey, at least there’s some acknowledgement!

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill/Florida Georgia Line/Luke Bryan/Jason Derulo: Okay this was a bizarre group of singers, but it was pretty entertaining: “La Grange” into a “This is How We Roll”/”Talk Dirty” remix. Seeing Luke Bryan actually briefly become a back-up dancer may have been worth it...

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