Close Encounters of the iRAWniQ Kind

October 28, 2014 3:03 PM

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Close Encounters of the iRAWniQ Kind

Rising popstar iRAWniQ and innovative director JB Ghuman Jr. (SPORK) have just made one of the most visually arresting videos ever, with ALIENPU$. ALIENPU$ is about having an intimate encounter with a woman for the first time," explains iRAWniQ, "about being introduced to foreign territory... about being an alien to the p***y." The duo previously collaborated on her first single, No One Said It Would Be Easy. This time around the mission was different. Says Ghuman Jr., "There are seven looks total in the video: Rosa Parks Raw, Reptilian Raw, Flower Power Raw, North Pole Princess Raw, Emerald Energy Raw, Orion's Belt Raw and Pastel P***y Raw... each chapter is titled for easy reference in the video, for anyone whose interest is piqued, so they can figure out the bigger picture if it doesn't slam dunk you in the face."

Long time Ghuman collaborator and legendary actress Tatum O'Neal guest stars alongside interactive animation by Dave Woodman (He-Man, The Little Mermaid). I spoke to the superstar duo about the song and video.

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