Clinton unveils plan to stop price-gouging on old drugs

September 2, 2016 11:09 AM

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Clinton unveils plan to stop price-gouging on old drugs

Hillary Clinton has been quick to criticize drug companies that raise the prices of old drugs to boost their profit margins, calling the EpiPen price hikes "outrageous" and accusing embattled pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli of "price gouging" on a decades-old anti-parasitic drug. On Friday morning, Clinton's campaign unveiled her plan to prevent companies from exploiting these kinds of older drugs, using measures such as fines and the threat of importing alternative treatments.

Clinton's plan is carefully delineated to target "excessive, outlier" price hikes on "long-standing" treatments that haven't had any major improvements and have little or no competition. That's a clear attempt to reassure the pharmaceutical industry that government intervention won't squelch the dev...

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