Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys

July 1, 2014 9:30 PM

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Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys

Kumba is what you think about when you see Clint Eastwood's movie version of Jersey Boys. Everyone but Bob Gaudio (Erich Bergen) who talks about T.S. Eliot's "objective correlative" is from the neighborhood and that's the problem. The disquisition rendered in intentionally old style Technicolor (which is to say intentionally lacking in the kind of production values audiences are used to today) renders a series of plastic stereotypes, a kind of working class commedia dell'arte. Frankie Valli (John Lloyd Young) is clueless, Tom DeVito (Vincent Piazza), is the not too street wise criminal who mortgages the group's future and Nick Massi (Michael Lomenda) the winteriest of the Four Seasons just wants to go home. Frankie's wife Mary Delgado (Renee Marino) couldn't have been too happy with her portrait as a demanding alcoholic who forces her husband to pack his bags just as he's about to make it. Apparently it's all true, but it also plays as the stuff of a lousy afternoon soap or reality show like The Real Housewives of New Jersey..

Speaking of neighborhoods, the aging demographic of the cranky crowds attending Jersey Boys might remind you of another Italian neighborhood, Dante's Inferno. Marshall Brickman's script sacrifices believability for verisimilitude. At one point Frankie and his pals try to steal a safe which is so hea...

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