Clinging To Timelessness In A Changing Cosmos

February 18, 2015 11:30 AM

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Clinging To Timelessness In A Changing Cosmos

So much of our perplexity as we face life comes from the inherent contradiction between our expectation of timelessness and ever-changing nature: We are molecular machines made of fragile matter. Yet we sustain, within the very core of our being, the idea of infinity. How mysterious remains the remarkable transition from flowing neurotransmitters within our neocortex to our yearning for transcendence.

It is from this niche that many religious flourish, supplying our yearning with visions of timeless realms. This they do by creating a false dichotomy between the material and the immaterial, the material existing within the realm of becoming, the immaterial within the realm of being. What are we to...

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