Where Will the Climate Refugees Go in 50 Years?

September 23, 2014 5:59 PM

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Where Will the Climate Refugees Go in 50 Years?

Under any model of climate change, scientists say, most of the country will look and feel drastically different in 2050, 2100 and beyond, even as cities and states try to adapt and plan ahead. The northern Great Plains states may well be pleasant (if muggy) for future generations, as may many neighboring states. Although few people today are moving long distances to strategize for climate change, some are at least pondering the question of where they would go.

"The answer is the Pacific Northwest, and probably especially west of the Cascades," said Ben Strauss, vice president for climate impacts and director of the program on sea level rise at , a research collaboration of scientists and journalists. "Actually, the strip of coastal land running from Canad...

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