Climate Rally Draws Tens of Thousands to the Streets

September 22, 2014 5:51 PM

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Climate Rally Draws Tens of Thousands to the Streets

One contingent of the multitudinous climate rallies that coalesced as a mass of more than 300,000 people on Sunday, September 21, stirred to life outside the TimeWarner Center, on Columbus Circle, which was symbolic on a number of levels. It is unclear how the site for this part of the demonstration, which hosted a multifaith gathering of believers, was decided. Near where a miniature Noah's Ark and a mosque stood was the colossal commercial behemoth housing "the shops of Columbus Circle," named after the man who according to our national mythos discovered America, at a time when Mannahatta was a primeval paradise and long before the Lenape exchanged their ancestral birthright for $26 and some beads.

While the United Nations General Assembly rumbles back into operation -- Ban Ki-Moon was spotted among the throngs of assembled protesters -- virtually no scientific doubt exists that anthropogenic global warming is a serious problem. Perhaps that is unfair to the miniscule of scientists under the p...

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