Climate change threatens nation's birds, new report finds

September 12, 2014 1:30 AM

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Climate change threatens nation's birds, new report finds

A new national report from the Audubon Society paints a very grim picture for the country's bird populations: Global warming and climate change threaten the survival of hundreds of bird species in the continental United States and Canada, including many of the region's birds. This is according to a seven-year study conducted by the society, which found that of almost 600 bird species examined, 314 species are at risk. Of those, 126 species are at risk of severe declines by 2050, and another 188 species face the same fate by 2080.

The report analyzed summer and winter bird distribution data that mainly came from two sources; the Audubon Christmas bird count, and the breeding bird survey, which tracks where birds are in the summer and winter. Scientists then analyzed the relationship between location and climate change said Ke...

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