Climate Change Experts Expecting Record-Breaking Temperatures in 2015

December 26, 2014 6:44 AM

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According to suggestions made by the climate experts the world climate will depend more on how much the global leaders could achieve in terms of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. The next year is of the utmost importance with regards to climate change. The reports suggest that weather will be so much warmer in 2015 than its average scale that was recorded in the past few decades. It is said that the majority of the results of the climate change are caused by inaction on part of many countries. Experts also said that the consequences will be faced by the poorest nations and that the regions that lie along or near the coastline. If the climate change is not curbed, the low-lying states such as the Marshall Islands situated in the South Pacific may be drowned by the surging seas. Kiribati is already preparing for a full-scale evaluation of the residents so that they may be ready in case they have to bear the brunt of the changing sea-levels.

It has also been predicted that the next year will be the hottest on record after 2014 and that would be a record-breaking year. All this is happening because there have been lack of pledges in wake of cutting down the carbon emissions by world leaders. There is a lack of political will and this mig...

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