Click and Clack Moments

December 5, 2014 11:31 PM

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The recent passing of Tom Magliozzi reminded me of my love for "Car Talk." Not that I know much of anything about cars or really care to, but I, like so many others, delighted in the Magliozzi brothers' capacity to weave intelligent humor and playful banter into their responses to listeners' calls. My husband and I became so enamored by the show that at some point we declared it a "perfect thing" in this world, and decided to refer to other exquisite expressions as being "click and clacks." If we encounter an inspiring performance, art show, book or film -- or maybe a professional doing their job in a skillful way, we'll award the moment as a "click and clack." If I feel particularly moved, I'll add in an Italian kissing of my fingertips and a slight head shake to convey my awe and disbelief that a mere mortal could create whatever extraordinary thing I'm witnessing. If asked to offer a formal definition of a "click and clack" moment, I'd say: It's the RIGHT person doing the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT way. Not that I'm a big proponent of "right and wrong thinking," but that's the best way I have to describe it.

When the situation allows, I love letting people know that they've achieved a click and clack -- a habit which has ended up on my kids' list of "embarrassing things that mom does." When they sense my enthusiasm welling up and my mind beginning to plot how to approach the adolescent who just left the...

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