A City Full Of Contradictions, And A Trilogy To Match In 'Nocturne'

April 26, 2015 11:03 AM

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What could be more seductive to the imagination than the Walled City? A 6.9-acre patch of Hong Kong's Kowloon peninsula, it was a discrete, warrenlike enclave, full of twisting passageways and tiny rooms, that grew up around an old military base and flourished throughout the 20th century. Though it was riddled with crime and had no reliable public utilities, it housed tens of thousands of people at its height. It was finally demolished in 1994.

Life in the Walled City was challenging to say the least, and pictures from its final decades are anything but romantic. Anne Opotowsky looks to a different time in Nocturne, the second volume of her lavish three-part graphic novel about the City. (Though the first book, His Dream of the Skyland, is...

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