Cinderella, reviewed: Someday, my reboot will come

March 12, 2015 7:21 PM

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Say what you will about the necessity of a live-action remake of Cinderella; at least Disney hasn’t jumped the gun. In an age when sequels, spinoffs and reboots follow their originals faster than a bullet — Spider-Man 2.1 joins the Marvel universe in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, while Fantastic Four gets a 10-years-later do-over this August, followed by a new Batman next March — Disney waited a solid 65 years between Cinderella. Wide-eyed waifs for whom the animated movie was their first can now take their grandkids to see this one.

And there’s precious little to carp about in the new release, unless you choose to take exception to the fact that there’s precious little to carp about. Writer Chris Weitz — missing in action since the critically panned Golden Compass in 2007 — and director Kenneth Branagh (Thor, much ado by Shakes...

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