What Cigarettes Taught Me

December 16, 2014 1:43 AM

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The first week of January 2015 will mark five years since I looked at my pack of Marlboro Mediums and made a deal with myself. I had been sitting out on my deck in the backyard, and if truth be told, kind of hiding. I was never exactly loud and proud when it came to this habit, which was telling in and of itself. And on that afternoon, when I glanced down and took an inventory -- there were only five or six cigarettes, all standing at attention. "OK, this is it -- you can smoke them all now or spread them out as long as you like, but when these are done... you are done."

Oddly, I didn't drink or smoke all the years I lived in Europe gallivanting around in the fashion world, and that was back in the day when everyone was still smoking everywhere -- it was totally the norm. I don't even recall picking up that first cigarette, but I do recall all the space it subsequen...

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