Christopher Eccleston Loses At Life In Two Boats And A Helicopter

July 14, 2014 6:11 AM

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If asked to describe HBO’s The Leftovers in just two words, my best attempt would be “drama” and “uhhhhh.” On its surface, it’s basically a bunch of people dealing with change in different ways, with everyone’s emotions always at a fever pitch. But in its delivery, both in terms of structure and information being given, The Leftovers like a Twilight Zone episode that isn’t shooting for an ironic ending, but a sorely suicidal one. This week’s episode, “Two Boats and a Helicopter,” treats viewers to a full-length dip into the acid-filled baptismal pool that is Reverend Matt Jamison’s life, and Christopher Eccleston’s superb performance will make you want to drown yourself in it.

I was wondering if The Leftovers would ever pull an episode off that resembled Damon Lindelof’s work on Lost, and this episode will probably come as close as any, though it’s far more singular in focus and much stranger from moment to moment than Lost ever was. (And this series is upfront in its rel...

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