Christine Weir: Life on Earth

October 8, 2014 7:05 PM

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Christine Weir: Life on Earth

Analysis of graphite drawings rarely contains observations on texture or any mention of impasto -- such qualities are the province of painting. But the first of many surprises in the work of Christine Weir are the acrobatic surface variations she achieves using only graphite. Working on paper or on the trickier medium of clay panel, which yields more nuanced results but is physically quite finicky, Weir surgically modulates a seemingly infinite array of degrees of hand-applied pressure, resulting in differences in mark-making that range from gossamer invisibility to steely patina to thick accumulations mimicking pigment. This tool kit of textures demonstrates an equally dynamic range of heterogeneous tonalities within the grey scale. These unexpected dimensions of graphite are deployed to construct and build up an eclectic lexicon of organic and geometric abstract shapes juxtaposed in vertiginous layers and furrowed grounds.

Weir's hard shape/soft ground/vice versa topographies are perspectival, aerial, abstract, architectural, fractal, and puzzling. The patterns are her own design (more on that later); the shapes are culled from Google Earth, where she trolls for man-made structures and landscape manipulations extreme ...

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